I started that project around 1995/96 because I needed it.
Though, this is not a music project! The selection of the technical
Set-UP through which sounds are produced is part of the N.
(Nothing, Nihilism, No, Noia, you can choose) project aesthetic:
two empty tape-recorders, one connected to the other one,
without any sound source but only the feed back distortion produced by the
tape-recorders themselves in play/rec and modulated by rec.
Volumes knobs.


Interview Mondo Planemo 2011.pdf
Interview Exoterico 2008.pdf

Main sounds influences:

Neuengamme - a Broken flag compilation
Whitehouse - Dedicate to Peter Kurten
Atrax Morgue - Sickness Report
Merzbow - Pulse Demon
Premature ejaculation - Assertive discipline

David Jackman - Up from Zero
Brighter death now - May all be dead
Mark Solotroff - Evidence To Suggest Postmortem Sexual assult
Laxative Souls - Twist and decease
Sutcliffe jugend - We spit on their grave
Giancarlo Toniutti - La mutazione
Francesca Currà - Rapsodia meccanica
Franco Battiato - Clic
Megaptera - You will never survive this nightmare
Club Moral - Mit Neuen Waffen
Mathausen Orchestra - Five years of slaughters
Le Syndicat - Rectal Struggle
Kleistwahr - Arsonicide
NON - Blood & fame
Current 93 - Dog blood Rising
C.M. Von Hausswolff - Strom
S.P.K. - Information overload
Nurse with wound - Sololoquy for Lilith
Nurse with wound - To the quiet men from a tiny girl
Nurse with wound - Thunder perfect mind
Throbbing Gristle - 2nd annual report
Premature Ejaculation - Anesthesia
Hafler trio - A thirsty fish
Luc Ferrari - Son Mémorisé
Lou Reed - Metal music machine
New Blockaders - TNB est mort! 1982-1994
New Blockaders/ Organum - Pulp
New Blockaders/ Organum - In extremis
Organum - Kanal
Vagina dentata organ - Music for hassassin
Brighter Death Now - Necrose evangelicum
NOMEX - The supreme records
John Duncan - Early recordings 1978-1985
Klaus Schulz - Cyborg
Panasonic - Kulma
Silver Apples - S/T
Cluster - II
Haus Arafna - Blut
Genocide Organ - Leinchlein
Cranioclast - Icoclastar ICON I-II
AMM - AMMusic 1966
Sodality - Beyond unknown pleasures
Atrax Morgue - Auto Erotic Death